IGNOU MCS-015-Communication Skills, Latest Solved Assignment (July 2023 - January 2024 )


Q4) Write down what you would say in each of these situations.

i. Your flight to Delhi is delayed. Find out the reason.

Sol) “Excuse me, could you please let me know the reason for the delay of theflight to Delhi?”

ii. You’re booked on flight AI 879 on May 16. You want to postpone this to ZZ 857 on May 17.

Sol) “I have a booking on flight AI 879 for May 16, but I would like to change it to flight ZZ 857 on May 17. Is that possible?”

iii. Flight RA 372 doesn’t leave till 5pm but you’ve arrived at the check-in desk at 12 noon.

Sol)”I realize that my flight RA 372 is scheduled to depart at 5 pm, but I’ve
arrived at the check-in desk at 12 noon. Is there anything I can do at this point?”

Iv. You don’t understand how to get a boarding-pass from an automatic machine. Ask a passerby for help.

Sol)”I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding how to get a boarding pass from the automatic machine. Could you please help me?”

v. Someone asks you how to get to the Terminal-3(Delhi Airport) –tell himor her that it’s two blocks down and then left.

Sol)”To get to Terminal-3 at Delhi Airport, you need to walk two blocks downthis way and then take a left turn.”

vi. You have arrived late because your flights’ delay. Apologize to your host or hostess.

Sol)”I apologize for my late arrival. My flight was delayed, and I understand the inconvenience it might have caused.”

vii. You don’t understand some of the dishes on the menu. Ask your companion for help.

Sol) “I’m having trouble understanding some of the dishes on the menu. Can you please help explain them to me?”

viii. You want to order a plain dosa, which is not on the menu.

Sol)”I’d like to order a plain dosa, even though it’s not listed on the menu.”

ix. Ask your companion to recommend a local dish.

Sol) “Could you recommend a local dish that I should try?”

x. At the end of the meal you want to pay the bill, but the waiter has givenit toyour companion.

Sol)”I’d like to settle the bill, but the waiter has given it to my companion. Couldyou please provide the bill to me?”



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