IGNOU BCS-055-Business Communication, Latest Solved Assignment (July 2023 - January 2024 )


Q.4. Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjective/adverb.

1. The little boy ran ____ (fast) than his friends.

2. He played ____(good) than any player.

3. You are driving _____(bad) today than yesterday! Jim works ___(hard) than his brother

4. Everyone in the race ran fast, but John ran the____(fast) of all.

Ans.1. The little boy ran faster than his friends.

2. He played better than any player.

3. You are driving worse today than yesterday!.

4. Jim works harder than his brother.

Q.5. Change the following into passive voice:

1. The teacher asked a difficult question.

2. She made an attempt.

3. She wrote an award-winning novel.

4. The police caught the thief.

5. We must speak the truth.

Ans. 1. The difficult question asked by teacher

2. An attempt was made by her.

3. An Award Wining novel was written by her.

4. The thief was caught by the police.

5. The truth must be spoken by us.

Q.6. Complete the following sentences by putting the verbs in the Simple Past, Past Perfect or Past Continuous Tense:

1. Although we..............(invest) a lot of money in the project, we .............. (decide) to of it.

2. When her father..............(die), she ..............(run) the business.

3. Vikas Mathur..............(be) in charge of the shop in Gurgaon before he ..............(take) company.

4. While my father..............(build up) the business in the North, I ..............(do) the same South. (e) While Nautan..............(talk) to the Manager, the workers.............. (pack) the garments ready for dispatch.

Ans.1. Although we had invested a lot of money in the project, we decided to pull out of it.

2. When her father died , she was running the business.

3. Vikas Mathur was in charge of the shop in gurgaon he took over the company.

4. While my father was building up the business in the north, I was Doing the same in the south. (e) While nautan was talking to the Manger, The workers were packing the garments ready for dispatch.



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