At IGNOU University 30% marks are for your assignment and 70% marks for the written exam. So you can score full marks on the assignment. You have to make assignments for every semester. The question of the assignment changes every semester, so you cannot copy the previous year’s answers.

You can search your assignment answers in IGNOU textbooks or social media or websites through the internet. For the assignment, you should use A4 on both sides white-ruled sheet but it should not be colorful. .*link add to download study materials*

The margin line is in the ruled sheet, you should start your work from there and then make a complete borderline on a whole page and write your work inside that border. Careful from grammar and spelling mistakes, if the 2/3 error is spotted on one page, then put your strike on that otherwise, you can use another page for writing the answer. Avoid using wrong prepositions or redundant words in your answers.

Don’t use various types of color pens. Only use a black or blue pen. Use the black pen when you are writing the question and highlighting/underline the main topic. And use the blue pen only for writing the answer. Do not use any marker at the time of writing the answer. And after every answering the question, write the next question with the answer from the next page, it will look neat and clean. Must write page number and subject code on every page with a black pen. Punch your assignment page by a thread, so your pages will not be missed anywhere.

Do not copy last year’s answer or any of your friend’s answers, as this may result in the rejection of your assignments. You can show your assignment to your elders before submitting it and your’s ignou personal advisor. IF YOU WANT PERSONAL IGNOU ADVISOR Link

You have to fill in all your details in the assignment form provided by IGNOU and submit it at your Study Center. But due to Covid-19, you can mail your assignments directly to the Study Center. The assignment questions related to IGNOU are related to the exam itself. Make sure to keep a copy of the assignment answer. This will help you in preparing for the exam

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